Accelerating The Transition To

Data-Driven, Value-Based

Mental Healthcare

Head Habitat enables traditional mental healthcare providers to leverage objective and accurate patient data to optimize treatment processes and improve patient outcomes.

Be Part Of The Transformation

Value-based treatment approaches in mental healthcare are on the rise, yet treatment outcomes are still based on subjective patient questionnaires.




We collect data from 81 passive smartphone data sources and sensors that help us correlate and analyze the patient's mental well-being.


Patient Monitoring

Receive continuous feedback on the treatment progress and real-time updates on mental health changes in-between sessions.


AI Treatment Algorithm

Our AI treatment recommendation engine enables healthcare providers to personalize their treatments to their patients and reach positive results faster.


Regulatory Compliance

All data is stored and processed according to HIPAA and GDPR regulations. We protect patient data at the highest level of security and privacy.

Data Changes The Game

With the help of advanced machine learning and AI algorithms mental and emotional well-being is now measurable, enabling us to optimize our patients' treatment.

Simultaneously mental healthcare providers and payers (health insurers) can increase efficiency and savings (both direct and indirect) while providing improved services.

Benefits for

Insurance Companies

  • Improve Data Transparency

  • Lower Direct & In-Direct Costs

  • Enhance Quality Of Behavioral Healthcare

  • Support Value-Based Contracts

  • Increase Member Access to Services

  • Expand Behavioral Health Network

Benefits for

Healthcare Providers

  • Reduce Clinical Burden

  • Deliver Standardized, Evidence-Based Care

  • Expand Patient Access

  • Improve Clinical Workflows

  • Use Data Insights To Provide Value-Based Care